Monday, 29 December 2014

Thrifty Kindle Tips...

Enjoy reading on your Kindle??

Enjoy saving money??

Then read on!!

*This is for Amazon UK – I haven’t checked if the route is the same for other Amazon sites

You may already have discovered this and I might be behind the times, but I just found a good way of browsing some of the free Kindle downloads.

Of course, you can type ‘free kindle’ into the search bar, but I find that this list is harder to navigate, and brings up lots of dodgy-looking options to sift through…

So! First up, go to your Amazon UK account (click on the photos if you need to make see them bigger):

Hover your cursor (don’t click!) over where is says “Shop by department”, up in the top-left beneath the Amazon logo (circled in red).
A drop-down menu will appear:

Glide your cursor down the menu. As your cursor lands on the different options, other menus will pop up. Keep going till you are hovering (no clicking yet!) over the option “Kindle e-readers and books” (big red arrow above, underlined below).

The pop-up menu for this option has a few headings. Under “Kindle Store” you will see the option “Kindle books” (red arrow below).
This time click on that option.

Clicking there will take you to a new page that will look something like this:

Look down the options on the left-hand side. There are lots of options there (I'm intrigued by "100 books to read in a lifetime"), but look for the one called “Kindle Best Sellers”, and click on that one (red arrow below).

That click will take you to another page of Amazon bestsellers. Circled in red, you can see two options: “Top 100 Paid” and “Top 100 Free” (red arrow...).

Click for the free ones, and voila! You are free to browse the free downloads!

Lots of the books might be a bit rubbish, but if you have a good browse you should find something you fancy – and if you’re not sure, well at least they’re free so you have nothing to lose!

Top tips:

  • Use the genre options down the left-hand side to help you refine your search and to access more book options.
  • Don’t ignore the paid options – some really great new books appear for a couple of pounds or less, which is still a bargain!
  • Amazon says that the list is updated regularly, and the prices are subject to change too, so it is worth checking back every now and then :)
  • Finally, I’m sure you would be supervising if your kids are looking for books, but be aware some adult titles do still appear in random genre choices, so it’s not fool-proof for searching.

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