Friday, 5 December 2014

Chrissy Yarn Bombing: In Pictures

Down Under, they call Christmas 'Chrissy'. You'll know all of these nicknames if you keep reading this blog! Haha ;)

As part of Townsville's Chrissy decs this year, there has been a lot of yarn bombing going on. Best delivered in pictures, there are not so many words with this post :)

These pompoms are hanging from a sun shelter roof!

From beanies into baubles!

I like this textured crochet zig zag pattern...

This is one of my favourites, although it lacks the colour and craziness of the rest. I love the traditional crafting though!

Here is the information about the traditional weaving - blogger has turned it over though. I have realised that it turns pictures back to the orientation they were taken in - whether you want it to or not! The weaving was done by two ladies, called 'The Deadly Aunties' (brilliant!) who are from the Torres Strait Islands. They have been weaving since they were little girls, and they work to pass on their traditions through demonstrations and workshops. Sounds like that would be fun!

I hope you enjoyed!


  1. How cute, but, is it me, or does crochet look kinda out of place in the sunshine.....I think of it more in a cold country where you make cosy blankets for snuggling under?!? Hope you are enjoying yourself...are you having a bar-b on Christmas day? xx

    1. It definitely seems weird to see all of this in bright sunshine and on palm trees! Not to mention making stuff when currently even a sheet at night is too much! I've been looking for non-blankety crochet ideas to keep me busy for while it's so hot and humid here... Any suggestions are welcome - maybe I can make lots of tea cosies or something :)