Monday, 1 December 2014

Leftover Granny Update!

The leftover Granny blanket continues to grow at quite a pace! For the first few days, I was still engrossed in a book I was reading on my Kindle. It was great that it was on the Kindle, as previously I have tried reading paperbacks while hooking up a simple pattern, and holding the page open is quite a challenge! No problem with the Kindle though, so I could keep up with Bernard Samson in the Len Deighton books my husband had downloaded, and hook up a storm!

This blanket is going to be for a double-bed, so while it was begun wide-enough, there is still some way to go on the length. It’s coming along nicely though, and is already too big at 34 stripes long, to photograph on the floor – so more climbing on the bed frame to get a decent shot!

I continue to be amazed at the way the colours seem to change as you add more colours. Even a sequence of stripes well away from the new bit can change their appearance as you add more coloured rows. Unlike some of the super-talented bloggers out there that I love to follow, I don’t have much of an art background – I did GCSE Art, but nothing further – so seeing the way the colours play together is really eye opening for me.

I also keep finding that unexpected (to me at least!) colour combinations will look really great together. This is really filling up my brain with so many ideas for more blankets – but really, how many blankets can one couple need when they live in the tropics??

This little sequence caught my eye as it came together:

Specifically, I like the way that these clashing colours work together: Aster, Saffron and Magenta:

I’m thinking that swapping out the Aster for the Turquoise will look even better, so I’m going to give that a go as a stripe sequence later on so I can see how it looks.

I also really like the look of the Sherbet at the end there, it’s making me think that a bright blanket of strong/deep/bright blues and pinks would great with a Sherbet background colour…  Fortunately, I have been checking online, and it seems that it’s not too difficult to get Stylecraft online and sent to Australia, so guess what I will be asking for from Father Christmas? ;)   The only problem will be not seeing the colours in the flesh before ordering, as there are lots of new colours in the range now. I think that ordering a variety and seeing what works is the only way forward though, so I reckon my depleted stash will be replenished soon!

It seems that my crochet mojo is back! :)

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