Wednesday, 27 August 2014

In The News

I very much dislike our wasps here in the UK. For those not sure which wasps I mean, it’s the yellow and black social wasps, which can sting and that go around killing nice bees and things, which I don’t like.

I have read about wasps to try and educate myself more about where they fit into ecosystems etc, as I am very much a fan of nature in general, and I rarely hate an entire animal species. I have not so far found anything to change my mind though...

For those people who say that wasps don’t sting much, or that the stings aren’t too bad, I still have a scar on my hand from a wasp sting that I got when I was about 12 years old. My whole hand swelled up and painful for a good week, and the scar remains. The wasp was on some litter that I picked up as I was part of a clean-up party after our local carnival, so you may well point out that it wouldn’t have stung me if it hadn’t felt threatened… But! The second time I got stung I was simply out running, and a wasp stung me on the back of my leg. In this case my entire leg swelled up, so much so that my skin blistered with the excess fluid, and I ended up getting cellulitis from it too. So, I do hate wasps, and I am scared of them. Yukky Yukky Yuk.

So it was with horrified fascination that I clicked on this BBC News story to see what had happened.

Here is the story that greeted me once I had clicked:

And despite my horror at the size of that nest, and the thought of all those wasps being in someone’s actual home, I couldn’t help noticing that poor crochet blanket that had been unashamedly claimed by those horrible insects!

Imagine my relief when I read further down that the wonderful pest control man had saved the blanket :)   And what a lovely journalist to realise that such a detail was indeed newsworthy!


  1. lol I thought exactly the same thing about the blanket when I first saw that picture. I don't mind wasps although I've never been stung by them which I can appreciate changes your opinion a little! Now things like ticks on the other hand I quite cheerfully loathe!

    1. Ew, ticks! Can't say I'm a fan of those either... Yuk!

  2. My thoughts exactly too about the blanket!! The thought of that nest really turns my stomach!!

    1. And the thought of all those wasps being in your home! Noooooooooo!!