Sunday, 7 December 2014

Frozen Fever - Change of Plans...

You may have seen my attempt to begin a Frozen-inspired blanket for the daughter of another British couple who made the move out to Australia at the same time as us.

If you saw that, you will have seen that I had found other UK yarn options for much better colours than the yarn I had managed to buy over here… Well, I think I over-thought all of this, I had massive yarn envy – not only for the colours, but also the texture. This yarn here was just too stiff and icky and plasticky to make for a nice blanket for a little one…

I managed to find another yarn that would add in a much better colour, but despite being the same thickness in theory, the reality was that it hooked up very differently – with very different texture and appearance, and size…

Lincraft is a bit like Hobbycraft

Good colour, but wrong size and texture...

The wrong textures, wrong colours… Dissatisfaction well and truly set in for me!!

The blanket idea really wasn’t working for me any more – but I was so happy with the snowflake though, and didn’t want that to go to waste! So I needed an idea that was less tactile than a blanket, but that would show off the snowflakes…

It broke my heart a little to unravel the squares that I worked so hard to calculate the pattern for…

But then I hooked that yarn back up, this time into a triangle. The yarn made it all the way to the last 3 stitches before running out! Dammit! 

I joined new yarn to make the final 3 stitches by pulling through to finish off the old yarn. I began the 3 extras with a standing treble, then finished off the third one by pulling through again. Then I used a wool needle with the yarn ends to do an invisible join at both joins. (This isn’t the only method you can use, but it’s relatively quick and easy – I will add it to the list of things I mean to attempt a tutorial for… Sorry I’m not good at doing them!!)

Blogger insists on turning this one round, and I don't have enough data to keep re-uploading it!

And ta dah! The square is now a triangle…

This one too!

So what will the triangles be for? Bunting of course! Some lovely Frozen bunting, but equally suitable as Christmas bunting thanks to the snowflake pattern. I know bunting might not be an obvious present for a 4 year old, but apparently she does have some bunting already and loves having it to decorate her bedroom. In their current rented house they can’t do the decorating, but they will soon be moving to their new proper home, and can decorate to their hearts’ content, so I’m hoping that Frozen bunting will be appreciated!

I experimented using the new yarn to do a little picot edging, and instead of worrying about the ends I made a little feature of them – I’m pretty pleased with how this looks, and I plan to get some beads to thread on to really finish it off.

Once I’ve got enough triangles, I’ll also use the new yarn to string them together. This time I’m much happier with how it’s going! I might even make some more as Christmas decorations, if I don’t run out of time first ;)


  1. Debbie, you can't beat a bit of bunting, looks lovely and beads will finish it off a treat xx

    1. Thanks, I've managed to find some beads now too so I can start to put it together. I hope she likes it!

  2. shame about your blanket plan but I think the bunting is going to look gorgeous

    1. Thank you - it is a shame about the blanket as I do like making them, but to be honest I don't think a blanket would have gotten much use here anyway. It's too hot for even a sheet at night at the moment, and during the day it's like living in a sauna! At least the bunting can get used :)