Monday, 9 March 2015

Trying To Get On The Map

Ordnance Survey back in the UK are running a competition at the moment. They are putting new images on the covers of about 600 of their maps, and for the first time ever they are opening up the decision about which images to use to a competition.

On the website for the competition, they say:

 "For decades, we’ve decided what goes on our map covers. Now it’s your chance to put your photo on the map."

I decided to have a go at entering the competition, using my UK photos (from before I left of course!)

I've entered 2 photos so far, but for some reason only one of them has been approved for the competition so far: Please vote for it if you have a minute!! Here's the link to do so:

This one is from a trip to Cambridge a while ago, punting on the Cam! I really thought I had written about this trip, but looking through my archive I see that I haven't. Bugger!!

 The other image I submitted hasn't been put up yet, I'm not sure why as it does meet the criteria. Hopefully it is in the queue to be moderated :)

It's a picture of the statue on the side of the new Coventry Cathedral, taken when I was in the process of selling my house there after living in Coventry for far too long!!

I'm thinking of entering some more photos, if I come across ones that I like enough, so please vote for me so far, and I'll let you know if any more come up!

Thank you!!!



  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm always in search for new crochet friends. Love the photos. Good Luck! Have you joined Bloglovin? I'll be looking for you.

    1. Thank you for dropping by! I saw that you found me on Bloglovin - I haven't been on there for a while what with job hunting and things, but I hope to be catching up again soon so I'll look you up :)