Monday, 16 March 2015

From My Draft Archive: Happy Doilying

When I was rummaging around my blog archive to find this post, I realised that I have quite a few drafts sitting in my blogger account, unpublished and unloved... So I thought that I would gradually pick them up, dust them off, and actually post them! 

So if you see 'From My Draft Archive' in the title, you'll know that the post was written a while ago... I'll check them through them before posting in case I can add any new links or correct anything that has since changed, but otherwise they will remain as they were initially written - they'll just be very late! 

I don’t know if you are already familiar with a blog called By Haafner, written by a lovely Dutch lady? I discovered her blog via Pinterest, as she has also made a lovely cotton hexagon blanket in the same pattern I'm making

I was absolutely captured by the colours she uses. Lots of pastel colours, beautifully combined to make really enchanting crochet pieces. You’ll have to check it for yourselves though, as I really can’t do it justice with my inadequate words!

If you like, you can start with this post; the first picture really sucked me in as it my current favourite combination of a gorgeous soft rose pink and an equally gorgeous soft mint colour – both similar to the Rose and Mint in my Cuddly Hexagon Blanket in fact!

Anyway, a little further down and we come across her wonderful crochet doily in yet more beautiful colours. Now, I didn’t have any colours as lovely as these, but I did have a go with the colours I did have, using her pictures as a guide.

Here is my result:

I then had another go, alternating the main colour and border colour:

The yarn I used for these was Patons 100% Cotton DK for the centre – the same yarn I am using for my cotton blanket- though these were done before that was started, or I might not have used it here! The other yarns are Patons Cotton Blend DK (50% cotton) in Natural and Green Spray. The cotton blend is very soft and easy to work with, it also comes in a large range of colours, but it does seem to pill easily and it has more complicated care instructions than the 100% cotton. If only I could find the 100% over here in Australia!

I was quite pleased with these results, so I went on to look for more patterns to have a go at. I found this graph pattern on Pinterest and decided to have a go with my Patons 100% Cotton 4 ply stash. Here are the results – the green colour is Jade, but I’m afraid I can’t remember the other colour and the band is lost (I think it might be Fuchsia though, looking at various online yarn shops to try and match it!).

Then, I decided to have a go at making my own. This colour is either Apple or Kiwi, but I'm not sure which and again, the band is lost. It’s not very fancy, but I think it’s ok – although I really need to start writing down how I do things!!

They all need blocking, and the 4 ply ones still need to have ends sewn in - once I've found my tapestry needles (my wool needle is too big) 

But there they are, a random collection of doilies that might get sold when I eventually have enough stuff organised to do a craft stall!


  1. Lovely doilies! I'm impressed by the amount of patience you must have to make these! xx

    1. Thank you! These patterns weren't too bad to be honest, although I wasn't working at the time I made them so that certainly helped!