Saturday, 22 February 2014

My Galapagos in Pictures

Yes I do!

I wrote about visiting the Galapagos Islands independently here, but I also want to show off some of the wildlife I encountered. Enjoy!

Lava lizard

Brown pelican

Snuggling marine iguanas


Sally Lightfoot crab

Galapagos penguins - the only type of penguin to live wild north of the equator

Blue-footed boobies

Baby sea lion, incredibly cute

A noble looking male marine iguana

Swimming with the sea lions - they seemed to love floating upside-down at the surface to get a good look at you

Beautiful turtle

I still need to identify this bird

Lava lizard

Black-tipped reef sharks hunting at night. The bright green colour comes from the lights on the jetty.

Wild giant land tortoise

Lava gull - one of the rarest gulls in the world, the entire population lives on the Galapagos and is estimated at only 300-400 pairs

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