Monday, 23 March 2015

Mystery Project

You may have spotted that I now have outdoor furniture, with which I can pose my crochet projects! 


I'm really pleased about this, as inside our apartment ('unit', as they're called here) the light is really bad for photos, and it's also a bit small for us - making it quite crowded and therefore not good for staging photos!

So on Sunday we popped out to our nearest Bunnings, a big DIY / hardware chain down under. We bought a few things, including some bits and bobs for a new project, a couple of tools and a new tool box (my previous tool box didn’t arrive with the rest of our stuff when we moved to Australia, no idea what happened to it!) and this reduced-to-clear patio furniture set:

Now we can actually use our balcony! This is good for us, as we don't have a garden or anything and this is our only outside space. We had fun on Sunday afternoon, working together to build the furniture from flat-pack, and then using it to enjoy a nice cup of tea!

I also used the aforementioned new tools and bits and bobs to make a start on a new project.

I don't yet have absolutely everything I need to finish it, so for now I thought I would make this post a little teaser…

So please, allow me to introduce my Mystery Project!

I will be dipping into my new tool box to make my project with:

I do love a cup of tea!

I've made a reasonable start, and I'm looking forward to sharing the progress with you :)

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