Sunday, 22 March 2015

Blanketing Along

It's been over a week since I last updated my Blanket Along progress!

This is the first time I have joined something like this, and the first time I've been active on Ravelry. I'm enjoying it though, it's lovely to see the other blankets taking shape - Sandra at Cherry Heart has finished hers already!  One of my favourites from the group is this one by Cuppa Crochet, a lovely granny blanket in gorgeous colours.

Being part of this group is giving me a real boost of enthusiasm for my long-neglected project, and it feels great to know that it will get good use when I am visiting The Strand - this Willow pattern blanket is destined to be an outdoors blanket, for picnicking, or just lounging outside :)

It has been a very 'bitty' journey to get this blanket going. First it started out as a few random colours:

It soon became clear that this wasn't working, so I separated out the colours to become 2 different blankets. More yarn got added to the neon colours, and they turned out like this:

Then had some black added:

But I wasn't happy with these. Not at all. So I frogged the multi-coloured yarn and started again making more centre motifs:

I didn't like black with these motifs, and I didn't think white was a good idea for a blanket that would spend its life on the floor, but I didn't have a better idea...

So I kept going, making these centres while I tried to decide how to continue the blanket. 

My favourites were the ones with the first 2 rounds in the multi-colour yarn making these cute little circles, so I once again frogged the motifs that had this multicolour yarn, so I could make more centre circles:

I soon had quite a stack of these!

And then I asked over at the Blanket Along group for advice about what colour to use to complete the squares.

I got a few answers: someone suggested another neon colour, but that didn't feel quite right to me for this particular project.

Someone else suggested grey - I liked this idea, and searching 'neon and grey' on Pinterest threw up loads of great images. Just my cup of tea!

To complicate things, someone else suggested navy, and when I searched 'neon and navy' on Pinterest, there were also loads of really great images!! (and some lovely outfits!)

I couldn't decide between grey or navy, so the only thing for it was to head for the craft shop - I don't have an LYS here - and see what I thought in the flesh. After much deliberation, I decided on a couple of things:

First, there wasn't a nice enough grey in the shop - the best shade was in the scratchiest, most plasticky yarn; while the softer yarn had a shade that didn't quite work.

Second, I came to the conclusion that with the greys, I prefer them to be the main colour with smaller neon highlights (I have a plan in mind to use this scheme!) rather than the background to lots of neon.

On the other hand, there was a really dark navy in the softer yarn, and that did seem to work well as a background to each of the neon colours I had.

So, after all this changing my mind and changing my design, and frogging and re-hooking, I came up with this: I am now going with only the Willow motifs that have the multicolour centre circles, and they are having a navy background - finally, decision made!!

The solid-colour Willow motifs can be saved for another something else...

So how does the blanket look with its navy background? Well, I'm less than halfway through, joining-on-the-go to save time and yarn at the end. But here it is so far - a few more days and I reckon it will be complete!


And I'm finally pretty happy with it!


  1. This looks great! I like the colour pop from the navy background. The blanket-a-long has been fun, its good encouragement to keep crocheting isn't it.

    1. Thank you! I never would have thought of navy myself, so I'm really pleased with how well it works with these colours :)
      I've been neglecting my hexagons since I felt encouraged/inspired to keep going with this blanket instead, but this one will get more use here so I think it's good it will be finished soon!!

  2. Sorry if my comment appears twice but I thought I had already published it but it does not look like it is showing on your blog. I hopped across from ravelry to say that I was not imaginative enough to envisage how lovely your neon shapes would look once joined together with a background colour. The whole effect works really beautifully. I'd also like to thank you for your lovely comments about my blanket too!

    1. No problem, your comment is just here once :) And thank you for dropping by!!
      I'm really pleased with how the navy is working - I wouldn't have thought of it by myself so I'm very grateful to the group for giving me these ideas to try!
      Thank you for your lovely comments too!! I can't to see your finished blanket, it's so lovely :)