Tuesday, 10 June 2014

In Poland!

Well this may or may not work properly, as I am blogging from my phone! Something I have never done before, and the Blogger app is a little different to the real thing, plus I hate typing on my phone, but we'll see how it goes...

So I made it to Poland, and I have to say that this is the most disorganised I have ever been for a trip... I guess that's what comes of only really deciding to go on the day before you leave! As I was already away visiting family, I didn't have many clothes to choose from, so I haven't over-packed for a change. I did have to buy a few things, which was frustrating as it was all stuff I already own. But still, it was cheaper than the round-trip required to go and fetch them! In the end, I got a set of 100ml bottles that came in a zip pouch along with a couple of teeny jars, for containing carry-on liquids. I hadn't bought a hold luggage allowance (flying WizzAir, everything is extra...) so I got these for putting toiletries into. The travel toiletries available were all only 50mls, plus this was cheaper at just £1.20 for the whole set. I also had to get a plug adapter, which was about £3.

Then I hit the road this morning to get to the airport! I had booked airport parking as this was far cheaper for me than catching a train.

And now I'm here! In Wroclaw!

From the airport I got a bus to the train station, from where I had walking directions to the hostel I had booked for the first 2 nights. On my walk from the station I already saw some of Wroclaw's Dwarves - I can't add the link to these as I don't know the URL off by heart, mobile apps definitely have their limitations! I will have to post again to add links etc. Hopefully the photo will work though....

I'm amazed how hot and humid it is here compared to home, I do forget what a mild climate we have in Britain.

It's getting a bit late here now though, and doing this from a phone is frustrating me already, so I will hope the Dwarf picture attaches and I will leave it there for now. I hope everyone has a great week 

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