Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Handmade With Love

I haven't done very well at getting anything ready to post today - sorry! 

So instead of a proper post, I thought I would share this photo with you. It was taken by my new sister-in-law (woo!) and it shows the handmade wedding gifts that she and my brother received when they got married a couple of weeks ago:

How wonderful! As well as the Mumbles Ripple, they have a cushion with cute little applique beach huts, a wooden chopping board that has been personalised, a framed painting, a driftwood-framed mirror, some ceramic decorations and a vase, a carved wood wave mirror frame, and another painting of the happy couple on a surf board! I love the way they have such a strong identity with the sea and coast, and that everyone knows this and has crafted accordingly!

How lucky they are, I feel a little envious ;)

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