Friday, 6 June 2014

Busy Busy Busy!

I feel all busy and short of time right now!

I got to my aunt's house from north Wales last night, and we spent this morning having a pleasant walk along the sea front. 

My aunt's garage door

Soon my husband and some friends will be arriving for a bit of time together - we are looking for every excuse to meet up with friends and family before we emigrate, and on this occasion we have the weird excuse of going to see The Wurzels... :/  !!

I still have yesterday's climbing to finish writing and share, and I have a daft little post written up too, waiting for the right time to be posted  :)

But right now I am mostly busy trying to think of what to do next week... I have realised that I still have some flights that were booked some time ago when they were really cheap, to Wroclaw in Poland. They were booked as we thought I would have lots of time on my hands at the moment, and husband leaves tomorrow to head off for a few weeks abroad with work. So this trip was to balance things out a little (he won't only be working - there will be fun stuff too) and keep me occupied. It seemed like a good idea at the time!!

I'd like to still go, and I don't want to throw away yet another opportunity after having to cancel our Big Trip, but it feels like I don't currently have much time or money to spare to go gallivanting off to eastern Europe... I need to decide very soon though, as the flight leaves on Tuesday!

Recent crochet progress has been slow - too much time spent getting from A to B for various things, plus wedding excitement and cake making naturally took priority for a few days.

I have, however, managed to complete another panel for my mum's flowery blanket (still in need of a name!)  When I showed it to her last week we both agreed that there were too many outer rounds on the panel.

I therefore frogged the last two rounds - one cream and one blue - and have obviously made the second panel the same.  I've joined the two so that I can see how the edging looks together, and I think it works - although I think they will need blocking :)

Gotta go now, people arriving!



  1. Love that blanket, the narrower border definitely looks better....go with the trip, why not :) xx

  2. Thank you - I'm glad you agree about the blanket panel border. I'm finding this one slower going at the moment, but I'm sure it will all come together at some point. I've definitely found slow and quick periods with other projects.

    You know by now that I decided to do go for the trip! I'm a bit nervous about a whole week alone, but I bought some books to take along so that will help :)