Sunday, 29 June 2014

Just a Quickie...

Hello there!

This is just a quickie to say helloooooo! I am still here, I haven't been kidnapped by little green men or anything ;)

I ended up having a longer-than-planned break in Cornwall with the Mr, which was very lovely indeed! But it did mean that when we got back to reality we had a LOT to do in a much shorter time. We had (have!) a lot to sort out in relation to prepping all our stuff for shipping it to Australia, so that's what we've been doing intensively over the last couple of days, and that is why I haven't had a chance to get on here and write anything decent...  I do have lots to share though, and - dare I say it! - I am kind of looking forward to my husband going off back to work so that I can have my free time back again!! 

I don't have time now to write up anything good, but I just wanted to check in so that you know I haven't given up on here or anything, and assure anyone who is still interested that I do have lots to share as soon as I make time to sort out words and pictures :)

Thank you for patience and I hope to be back with something much better very soon!!

Debbie :) xx

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