Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Something Silly

Today's post is nothing much, as I still have rather a lot to do this evening! (Not to mention all of the comments I still want to leave for other people, and the lovely comment on my last post that I still need to reply to!)

I will leave in the morning to head off to Newbury, for yet another appointment with the lovely and talented Jessi James. From there, it is not a long drive to the self-catering cottages my family are staying at for our Wedding Of The Year: my brother's wedding to his lovely long-term girlfriend this Saturday!!!

My mum is staying there from this evening, but I have lots to do to get ready: I have to sort out things to hand over to my husband when he gets there, as he heads off to Indonesia with work very soon and won't be 'home' beforehand. I have my own stuff to find and pack - clothes, accessories, hair stuff, make-up etc. I have blankets to bring and wrap - the Mumbles for the happy couple, and Glastonbury for photos (I hope!!) and to give to my Aunt. There are all the little bits and pieces to ensure I have ready so I can leave early... I've said it before, and I'll say it again.... I HATE PACKING!!!!

Today, when I headed out to buy a storage box so I could empty out the big suitcase my husband needs, and hair accessories so I could attempt an actual hair-do for the wedding, rather than the boring mess it usually is, I decided to pop into the M&S to get some sweets for the journey tomorrow.

I have an enormous soft spot for M&S's Percy Pigs... I know it's childish, but I really loooooove them!!! My preference is for the veggie pigs, which are gelatin-free, as I prefer the texture of these - still chewy, but a bit softer  :)

Imagine my delight when I spotted that not only were the Percy Pig range on special offer, but that there is a new addition to the Percy family; Globetrotting Percy, out and about with Timmy Tiger and Poppy Panda!!

These sweeties may have been bought for the drive tomorrow, but they didn't make it that long I'm afraid... New Globetrotting Percy and his pals sadly came a cropper a day early, and I can report that strawberry pigs, mango tigers and blackcurrant pandas are delicious indeed!


  1. Ooooooo I am a sucker for a M&S chewy sweet. What on earth have you started lol? I'm starting to think you might be a bad influence as you've got me wondering if we have time to pop to M&S on Saturday.....

    Enjoy the wedding my lovely. I know they're going to love their Mumbles and that the Glastonbury will be equally well received.

    Praying for the sun to bless the happy couple.

    S xx

    1. I'm chuckling to myself reading that! And thank you for the weather - it arrived just as ordered, right when they left the church so that the day hadn't become too hot for anyone in suits or big dresses, but the atmosphere was perfect :)

      I hope you had a lovely weekend too - were any chewy sweets involved? ;)