Saturday, 10 May 2014

A Little Bit of The Pembrokeshire Coast

Wow! I’ve just looked put my photos from my time in Pembrokeshire onto my laptop. I spent most of the time just catching up with my mum, giving her a hand sorting out a few things around the house, and only took photos on the day I went out walking - and there are over 200 of them!!!!

Needless to say, I won’t bore you with all of them, but I am having trouble deciding where to start… I think I might save some of the pictures of flowers and creatures for another post, and show you the more scenic pictures for now :)

I began by driving the country lanes around the coast. I chose to go to north Pembrokeshire around St Davids, I just love it round there. St Davids is the smallest city in Britain, a status which was lost in 1888, but reinstated in 1994 at the request of the Queen. She came to visit for the occasion of reinstating city status, in a ceremony at St Davids Cathedral in 1995. As a local Scout, I was one of the lucky local youths who were due to form a guard of honour for the Queen. Unfortunately, the small, single lane roads leading down to Pembrokeshire had meant that the Queen arrived late, and there was no time to do a proper guard of honour and we only had brief glimpse of her. Still, a privilege to be part of a historical event like that :)

On my drive, I wasn’t able to take many pictures (I was the driver!) but I did stop in a small layby to get this shot of Newgale beach, one of my favourite bits of Pembrokeshire and where I have done most of my surfing in the past. It was very windy and you can see the sea is pretty rough!

At St Davids itself, I didn’t visit the Cathedral this time around – but I did walk down there to get this picture for you. Most Cathedrals were built up high where they could be seen from a distance, but St David’s Cathedral was built in a dip so it wasn’t visible from the sea, and therefore wouldn’t provide a landmark for invaders trying to arrive by boat.

Carrying on the short drive required to get to the coast, it took me a while to find somewhere to park – I’m sure I used to know where parking was!

I ended up parking near a campsite, then I followed a footpath a short way through fields to reach the coast path. 

I can’t say how much I love the coast back home – as I arrived at the coast path and took in the views, I just felt a smile spread across my face and feeling of deep happiness and calmness well up within me. I love it so much!

I had 2 hours free, so I simply walked for an hour in one direction before turning round and coming back. I would have much preferred a full day’s walking from one point to another, but I wasn’t organised enough for that! 

The wildflowers were out in force, woodland flowers like bluebells and pink campion, and also the coastal flowers like sea pink (thrift) and spring squill. An absolutely glorious sight!

I didn’t see many sea birds – just a brief sighting of a lone gannet, and also a pair of choughs. I did see sky larks though, which were singing their little hearts out, plus lots of swallows and swifts performing their acrobatic flight displays along the path, sweeping down low and then darting upwards to skim over banks – and even over my head. I also saw plenty of stone chats, which I haven’t seen inland. These pretty little birds have a wonderful and distinctive call, a ‘peep’ followed by a sound like two small pebbles being clashed together: “peep! chsk chsk…   …peep! chsk chsk…”

Walking along the cliffs, I love seeing the changing views and shapes of the coastline and the cliffs, such spectacular views!

Hoping this doesn't happen!

On the way back, I stopped to play with some pebbles where the coast path dropped down from the cliff tops to a small beach...

It was a very peaceful walk, just me on my own, enjoying the sounds of the sea and the birds, watching the wildlife, enjoying the incredible flowers (playing with pebbles!) - it was so wonderful and I am so determined to do some proper walking here this year.
I do think that this is such a wonderful part of the world, I hope you can see why I love it so much :)

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