Thursday, 8 May 2014

Mini VeeDub

I already have lots to write up from this week so far - walking on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path, some crochet bits and bobs, a few other bits and pieces too... but as I am staying at my mum's and giving her a hand with a few things (and haven't seen her in aaaaaages...) I don't feel like it's right to spend lots of time going through my pictures and writing stuff up just now. Soon though! I will be heading back to my new home with my in-laws, probably tomorrow, so then I should get some time to go through things properly :)

In the meantime, I do have some pictures of this really cute little VW van I drove past on my way to the Hen weekend.

My mother-in-law is looking for a new van to replace her current one, so my 'little van radar' was on, and who really can resist the look of a VW van?

I have no idea what this model is called, and searching "mini VW van" brings up too many options to sift through and find out. If anyone knows what this is and can tell me that would be awesome! Otherwise, just enjoy how cute it is :)

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