Monday, 5 May 2014

I'm Back From the Hen!

I’m back from the Hen weekend! I say ‘back’, I’ve actually moved on to Pembrokeshire, where I am staying with my mum (and where it is currently raining hard!! Boo! – I had outdoorsy plans for here…)

We had such a lovely time on the weekend; the location was gorgeous, the weather was fabulous, and the people were lovely. What an excellent weekend it was!

It was very different to the wild nights out you might associate with hen parties in night clubs, but it really suited the bride-to-be to a T and it really was a wonderful weekend. We stayed at a ‘Glamping’ site in the Welsh/English border area, very near to Hay-on-Wye. It was a lovely site and has won various awards, and there are photos to follow, I promise!

The weekend was mostly focussed around the campsite, which is not too big and we had hired it out entirely for our big group of hens. We spent one day canoeing down the River Wye, which was gorgeous. So many birds to see – I was most excited by the Kingfisher, and also a pair of Grebes with their teeny-tiny babies!! Everyone was excited by the couple of broods of teeny-tiny ducklings we saw too. I think these might have been early ones, and looked to be only a day or so old by the size of them. I wish I still had our waterproof camera – I must replace it! We were a mixed group of those who had canoed a bit before, and those who had never done it at all, but everyone enjoyed themselves – and only a few fell in…

At the end of the canoeing trip

Back at the site, we had lots of time around camp fires – and did plenty of toasting marshmallows! We enjoyed pub lunches and camp fire-cooked dinners, plus lots of homemade cakes we had brought with us. We had plenty of drinking too, with fancy dress in the woods! (There will be more photos of this later on, once I’ve been through my photos) We even had log fired hot tubs with accompanying bubbly :)  

Ever seen a panda in a hot tub before?

Can you tell the bride-to-be has a bit of a thing for pandas...?

I also wanted to share this one photo from their engagement shoot, by Gareth Scanlon Photography. Simply beautiful :)

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