Tuesday, 7 April 2015

This Little Piggy

I’m so excited about my latest amigurumi make! It’s another one from a pattern by Sharon at amigurumitogo.com, a pig this time. 

Once again, the pattern is a delight to make, and I have been so enthusiastically impressed with how clever people are to be able to design things like this. I mean, the bunny was cool, but this little piggy doesn’t have a simple round head, she has actual shaped cheeks and everything! It’s amazing, I really can’t get over the talent of some people!! The only point where I strayed from the pattern was for the tail – I’d had in mind right from the beginning that I wanted a curlicue tail for the pig, so I simply made one of these rather than following the pattern.

As with Anzac Bunny, I made up the outfit by myself. There are a couple of patterns for piggy clothes on the website, but I’m currently on a roll with freestyling these smaller things! (I have several other small makes to share in another post, you’ll see what I mean)  I simply made a chain that fit around the piggy’s body at the right point, adding a few extra chains to make a loop for a button. I hooked doubles all the way round for the first row to keep it nice and tight, then continued with trebles. I worked back and forth in rows until I got below the piggy’s little curly tail, making increases as necessary to fit. 

Then, below the tail, I joined up and continued hooking in rounds for the skirt. I added in lots of increases to make it flare, and finished off with mini scallops made from 3 half trebles.
I added contrasting shoulder straps – the right sized chain (which I measured against the pig), followed by a row of doubles, and finished with another row of mini scallops.

As a final touch, I embroidered the dress with a very simple chain stitch all around the bottom, and another flower with the lazy daisy stitch and a French knot in the middle. 

The flower on her head was my husband's idea, I thought it was really sweet that he wanted to get involved and make suggestions!

I’m so pleased with how this little pig has turned out! I love it!!  I’ve actually just got home from delivering it to the little girl it was made for; her mum was really impressed, and she seemed to love it too - she has already requested more clothes for the piggy wardrobe!

Yet again it has been a tremendous pleasure to make something so satisfying and lovely for someone who appreciates it :)



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    1. Thank you - I really enjoyed making this piggy, it's such a great pattern :)
      I kind of wish I knew more people with children who like teddies!