Monday, 6 April 2015

Oh So Stylish

This post will be a bit of a silly one, but something tickled me and I felt like sharing...

I love some blogs where people put up wonderful photos of their beautiful things, and include little lifestyle snaps of baking, or coffee and cake. Especially over Easter, when baking and crafting and spring flowers are part of the season. It all looks so beautiful and stylish, and makes me want to dive into their lives and see how they do it!

Vanessa at Coco Rose Diaries is one blog I love for this, I love her taste in, well, in everything! I love her colours, and her collections. I love the patterns on her ceramics and I love her quirky bits and bobs that she includes in her shelves and dresser. Her pictures make me happy :)

Helen Philipps is another one, she also has beautiful colours. A bit brighter than some of Vanessa's, but very fresh-looking. She also takes beautifully styled shots, and I love her pictures that include flowers and gardeny bits.

Then there's Haafner, another lady with bags of style whose colours I love. She uses lots of more muted colours, and lots of natural materials for backgrounds. She also has a love of vintage and quirky, which she photographs beautifully.

There are so many more besides these lovely bloggers, and literally every time I see a blog post with wonderfully mismatched china and delicious looking baked snacks or frothy coffees, I just want to dive right in and join in with that lifestyle!

But much as I like them, I don't post that sort of thing. 

There are several reasons for this; 

I don't have beautiful and quirkily mismatched-but-totally-complementary china, I simply have mismatched china.

I don't remember to snap delicious muffins or perfect coffees, instead I guzzle them down greedily and think about it afterwards. 

And I don't take time to make nice food at home, or make an effort to present my nibbles nicely for myself. 

Oh no. 

I do this sort of thing...




Eat boiled eggs out of shot glasses because I haven't unpacked any egg cups yet.

*Oh so grown-up and oh so stylish*

haha ;)

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