Thursday, 23 April 2015

Monster Mash

Well this is exciting for me - I left a comment on LucyRavenscar to let her know that I had shared her links on my last post, and she not only replied to me, but she said "I really like your little animal characters too, and your budgie is adorable!" I feel very excited about that praise!! It's made my day!

I also said in my last post that I had yet more mini amigurumis to introduce, but as I'm making them faster than I'm blogging them I think that will be the case a lot, so I might stop saying it! Instead, I'm just going to introduce a few every now and then, when I have a nice little group to show, or something I'm especially proud of.

So with that in mind, here's a little set of new prototype amis I made the other day. I fancied a little change from making animal ones, so I decided to use the same simple pattern I’ve developed to make some people-y ones.

This first one wasn’t originally going to be a people-y one, it was going to be a turtle. But as I finished the first piece (head/body/legs) I started thinking about of all the options - it could become any number of other things! I eventually decided to make it into a little monster though – I thought of making a zombie, but finally settled on a mini sort-of-Frankenstein’s monster.

His monobrow is embroidered with yarn, and his hair is a small pompom of the same yarn, sewn securely onto his head. I didn’t make many wraps to make this pompom so that it would lie a bit flatter than a full pompom. He also has little co-ordinated buttons on his jumper :)

Having made this little monster, I really wanted to make more! [remember kids, monsters aren’t just for Halloween!] My husband suggested a vampire, so I made this little fellow (He's a bit short as my husband kept asking me questions about it while I was making it, and I lost count of how many rounds I had done for the body...). His hair is slicked back – embroidered with long stitch. He has a string tie and matching cape, but I haven’t been able to make good enough fangs yet – I have a plan for that though, so when I can put it into action I'll let you know how it works out.

With two boy monsters now created, I felt I needed a girl. I decided to make a witch. I couldn’t quite figure out how to make her a cloak and legs, I will need to work on this, but I still think she’s quite cute. I gave her some crazy purple hair and a cool hat, and she has a purple belt fastened with a little button buckle. Cute!

So there's my mini monster mash! I think they need a bit of tweaking still - like it would be nice if the witch could have feet, and even better if she could have stripey stockings under her cloak! But I think they're still pretty sweet :)

I'm not forgetting my regular crochet though, especially as I've been able to collect the rest of my Deramores order from Aus Post. I have in here more cotton for my Cotton Doily Hexagon Blanket, as well as some Stylecraft Classique Cotton DK for another project yet to be started:

As well as adding in a new green colour, I needed to top up the original colours I had for this blanket. Unfortunately, even the original colours I reordered are all a bit different to the yarn I already had. I guess that's what you get for buying your first batch of yarn in 2011, then waiting 4 years to order extra! It shouldn't really matter though, as it was meant to be a multicolour blanket with randomly placed motifs anyway. I will just keep hooking on it and see how it turns out - I'm working later this aftenoon, I wonder how many new patches I can get done before I have to get ready and leave...?

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