Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Packing or Crochet? Packing or Crochet??

Thank you for the nice message yesterday Sharon of Perfect Days, I'm feeling much less melancholy today! :) xx

Today also happens to be our first day of ‘packing’, ready for moving home in a couple of weeks. We need to sort out stuff to come with us, stuff to go into storage, and stuff to not keep. We also need to consider further ahead, to what will go with us to Australia, and what will need specialist cleaning or treatment in order to do so...

I said ‘packing’ though, rather than packing, as not a great deal of actual packing has taken place so far... Mostly what has taken place has been booking a removal van, then talking about packing, taking tea breaks, a lunch break, and various other highly developed procrastination techniques!!

My most-employed procrastination technique today has been to keep quiet, and to crochet a lot… Very naughty, but I think it’s only sensible to ease into the whole packing thing – after all, I wouldn’t to pull a packing muscle or something now would I? ;)

Tea and yarn :)

Crocheting has finished on my main project, my Mumbles Ripple, now. All that remains for that little (huge!) beauty is for me to sew in all the ends, add a little finishing touch I have in mind, and then I can present it you in all its glory. I’m not allowing myself to present it any sooner, as I want to keep that as motivation for me to keep plugging away at those ends…

I still have the Glastonbury Blanket to work on, although I’ve recently banned myself from making any more of those bright cheery squares until I’ve caught up on those ends too. I used to be so good at sewing in the ends as I went along, but I’ve gotten quite lazy lately for some reason.

However, I do have all that lovely new yarn… I also have lovely leftover Mumbles yarn…

Leftover Mumbles yarn...

The lovely new yarn...

All that yarn, calling out to me… In fact, when I woke up early this morning, it was calling out to me so loudly that I left my husband sleeping (he has been working hard, and had a 5.30am start yesterday, so now he’s on leave for a bit I thought he deserved a lie-in) and I went downstairs to see what the yarn wanted. 

Of course, the yarn wanted to be crocheted! So I made myself a coffee, lay my yarn out on the rug, and had a good chat with it about what it wants to be when it grows up. We quickly reached an understanding, the yarn and I, and then I set about helping its dreams come true…

For now I’m going to be cheeky and just show you a little teaser of what the yarn wanted to be, I will introduce it more thoroughly later ;)

Brand new yarny action...


  1. Yayyyy good news....so glad you're feeling a bit better today. Bound to be those 'gloomy' days with so much change going on. As you said in your comment, it's to be expected and quite normal. Better to get all the lows out of the way here on familiar turf with people around you that you know and love.

    What on Earth are you trying to do to my bank balance with all these tempting yarn photo's?? If you listen very carefully you'll be able to hear my debit card sobbing quietly in my wallet :lol: . I'm intrigued by those little woolly discs...hmmmmm. I'm watching you....Queen of Procrastination indeed ... ;) xx

    Regarding our CF issues [thank you for asking xx], all has reached a place of calm acceptance, far quicker than I'd anticipated actually. No point in ranting and raging against something that cannot be changed, but for a while there I quite fancied a quick rant of injustice. Little Archie has his first cold which is a bit scary but I'm sure this will all become 'normal' very quickly.....!! His parents are doing very well indeed but I suspect there may come a time of bereavement for the [healthy?] child they thought they had if you follow me? We will watch with our safety net of love and support at hand, ready to leap in and 'catch them' when required.

    There's a new tempting kit on my FB page from Attic24, just getting my own back for your yarn yumminess above lol.

    S xx

    1. Thank you! I am chuckling to myself at your comment about the yarny temptation! I'm quite excited to reveal about the yarny discs - so excited I just wrote the blog posts! Now to remain patient about publishing... ;)

      I'm glad to hear that feelings are already settling regarding the CF. It is such big news to absorb, and as you said there will be more to cope with in the future for them, but it seems they are very lucky to have their understanding and loving safety net. I'm sure that will be invaluable for them :) xx

      I saw your Attic 24 link - cheeky! Actually that bag looks quite tempting...