Friday, 18 April 2014

House Move Frustrations

Today has been another horrible stress-filled day of packing. Made all the worse in fact, by my realising that while our moving date has been "a few weeks away" for some time, it has actually come around quite quickly and is now just over 1 week away!!!!   EEEEEK!!!!

We have worked hard today though, all of the books have been packed, all of the rugs, most of our travel mementos and a few other random bits and pieces. There is still an awful lot to do though, and it is making me feel very stressed. All of this stress-induced adrenaline needs an outlet, but there is no time to indulge that need, so I'm also feeling very frustrated...
My life in boxes...
Taking a tea break, to include a bit of therapeutic crochet-related activity (sewing in ends on the Mumbles Ripple) I also took a peek at Bloglovin' to see what what is happening on my favourite blogs.
Top of my list on this occasion is this post by my friend Chris. He did his trip across Spain not long before I met him last year when we cycled part of the South Downs Way. He wrote about our South Downs Way trip here, and my post is here.

Chris's photo

I really like Chris's writing and photography, and knowing him personally, when I read his blog posts I can really visualise being there with him. He is currently in the process of planning a BIG trip - the type of trip that involves quitting work, selling possessions and renting out his flat... It's so exciting! 
Reading his latest post, I realise that I am feeling very envious right now! As I go through the mundane yet stress filled business of packing my life into boxes, I long to get away from everything and be out in the countryside, far from everyday concerns, challenging myself and feeling satisfaction with each day. Although the trip that I did with Chris was only 3 days long, that is exactly how I felt for those 3 days, and I am thoroughly chuffed that I did it.
I can't really complain too much though - I do have a pretty special trip coming up in the summer, and then the life-changing event of emigration later on. Every day will be an exploring day then! And for now? I will just have to grit my teeth and get on with this packing malarky, and I can either reminisce about adventures past, or day dream about adventures future.

In fact, I think I will do some reminiscing, and will put together another 'My Favourite...' post to go up shortly. My Favourite Active Experiences, or something similar :)

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