Thursday, 4 September 2014

It's All Go!

It feels like it can’t be that long since I was on here, but so much has happened since last time!

First of all, the day after my last post the movers came round to the store. They had 2 days for our job, and on the first day they packed up pretty much all of our stuff, ready to finish off on the second day and then load everything into our container for shipping!

I meant to take a photo of our store when it was all full of our stuff, but I forgot until it was half empty. So instead here is a photo of our store after a lot of packing had been done by the movers:

Did you spot that plastic box containing some of my stash there? I got teased quite a lot by the movers for my crochet habit, and I had to point out that while I did own a lot of yarn, the mountain bike, surf board, skis etc were also mine…

Here is the packing in progress:

And here is our container on its lorry, partially packed.

I had to leave before they finished on the Friday as I wasn’t feeling very well, so I didn’t get a photo of the fully loaded container unfortunately. The reason I wasn’t feeling too well was because I had been in hospital that morning for some very minor surgery to remove some lesions from my skin.

One was a suspected dermatofibroma, which is a common non-cancerous skin tumour, which - while not dangerous - was causing me some discomfort. The other was a small cyst on my eyebrow. It had been there for several years, and it had bothered me the whole time ever since it turned up. 

I’m not a fan of photos of me, and I rarely take a selfie, but look how neat those stitches are!

I just had these stitches out yesterday, and I only really looked in the mirror briefly yesterday evening, but I'm surprised at how happy I felt at seeing that the little white lump was gone! I mean, I knew I didn’t like it there, and I thought I would be glad it was gone, but I was surprised at quite how happy I felt, and how exciting it feels to think of it not being there any more! I can't wait for the scar to heal fully and settle down, so I can enjoy the lump's absence to the full ;)

Both of the surgery sites are still pretty sore (it has only been 6 days after all!), but the nurse who sorted the stitches said that they are healing really nicely so I don’t have any worries about them :)

The other big thing that has happened is that I have left my in-laws house now – I have to say, that is something of a relief! – and now I am back in Wales and staying with my mum until I have to leave for London and our flights… Eeek!  I have been quite organised though, and I already bought my train ticket to London. Buying it so far in advance, I was able to get a First Class ticket (Ooh, get me!) from Swansea for only £25! Bargain! (Now I just have to get to Swansea first…)

I have also now got my renewed driving licence, which meant I could get my International Driver’s Permit (IDP) today, so that in turn I can get a Queensland driving licence in Australia.

The IDP is a mystery to me – you fill in a form with details from your driving licence, and then a card IDP is filled out by the Post Office staff, and into this is glued a passport-style photo. Then it’s stamped with an AA stamp, and this means you can use your driving licence abroad in certain countries. As far as I can tell, it tells you NOTHING that your actual driving licence can’t tell, while at the same time being much easier to forge! I really can’t see the point of it!!! But still, there’s now £5.50 that I no longer have to worry about, while I have yet another important document that I must keep safe…

And finally....  Now that I’m back in Wales, I should be able to get photos of my finished Walled Garden Blanket to share too! Yay! And this evening I have been having a bit of a play with some fun crochet, so I will share that later, and I have another little non-handcrafted project on its way to me (I just got the email confirming it is dispatched while writing this) so I can share about that when it arrives too :)  

How is everything with you? It seems to be all go here! :)


  1. Debbie you have been busy.....your stitches do look neat, I hope they continue to heal nicely for you. So exciting for you counting down your last few days xxx

    1. Thank you! The healing is still going well, and I'm hoping that the time will not go by too quickly - although it already seems to be rushing by!!