Sunday, 21 September 2014

New Square On The Block

I'm pretty busy right now, visiting people and spending quality time together while I still have the chance - only just over a week left now until I begin my journey Down Under with my train to London.... Eeek!!!!!

I will go through photos and write more about this soon, but for now I just thought I would show you the new square that I had found on Pinterest and decided to have a go at last week. I'm not really sure if I'll have time to finish a blanket using this square, so it may have to become the front of a cushion cover for my mum to finish off... 

The pin leads here, with another link to this pattern on Ravelry :)

I do think I need to balance out the filigree bits though as they are not quite even, I need to make sure my chains are the right length...

I like the square though, it's called the Victorian Lattice Square :)

It's a bit bigger than the previous squares I have made on these baby blankets, so if I had a bit more time it wouldn't take too long to finish off a little blankie. Maybe I can make something larger for our home once I'm in Australia though :)

Excuse the colour - my camera's white balance seems to have gotten very confused!

And speaking of Australia, we now know where we will live temporarily upon our arrival! This feels very exciting to me, as I had been really struggling to visualise what things would be like when we got there, and this was leaving me feeling quite unsettled. But now we know that we will move into a 1 bedroom serviced apartment until we have secured a place to live properly, and got our container of stuff from Customs! You can check out the website here if you like - it looks fab!

Back in a few days with a bit of a catch-up, but for now I am trying to make the most of time with family :) 



  1. Gosh, you must be soooo excited, nervous, curious...... Love that square, it would make a gorgeous blanket xx

  2. Thank you! I have to say, it was all those feelings and more! And much more intense than I'd expected too.

    I love that square too - I'm thinking of blanket ideas for it, but I haven't found a yarn shop yet. Thank goodness for international delivery from the UK!