Sunday, 7 September 2014

Twit Twoo!

Since I got home to Pembrokeshire, I have been along with my mum to her knitting group. I can’t knit, but I am made very welcome there with my crochet, and all the ladies are extremely nice and friendly, and very complimentary about my work!

I brought some old projects along last week, as well as the charity blankets I have made so far (here and here), plus the one that is still in progress.

While there, one of my mum’s friends, who also happens to be the mother of one of my friends from school, so I have known her a long time, was admiring all of the owl patterns in a magazine someone had. I didn’t say anything at the time, but I knew I had seen lots of lovely crochet owls, so I thought I might make one…

I looked at owl patterns on Pinterest, and the one I fancied using was this one by the lovely Jacquie over at Bunny Mummy. It is very simple pattern with an easy to follow photo tutorial, although I confess that I did kind of freestyle my own owls after reading through the tute – I mean, the inner circle is almost the same as I have been using for various projects so I was fine with that, and then having done that bit I was too impatient to follow the pattern exactly… but the credit for my owl is still definitely due to Jacquie!

I adjusted the pattern a teensy bit for the eyes and nose: I didn’t have any black beads to hand, so I got my mum to help me work out a French knot-style way to do the pupil, and I crocheted a 3D beak to sew on. I also attached the ear tufts using a slightly different method – I hooked the threads through as Jacquie described, but instead of hooking through as a loop to make a Lark's Foot knot (which I just learned is also called a Cow Hitch!) I hooked them right through. I.e. one sets of ends one side, one set of ends the other. Not just pulled right through so they aren't attached! 

Then I folded up the two sides of threads together, and wound round another thread very tightly a few times, before tying off with a secure reef knot. I thought that they might be more secure like this, and they seem pretty secure so far.

So, would you like to see the whole of my owl? Ok, here you go:

Kind of cute hey?

Owls get lonely by themselves though, so of course I had to make him a little friend to hang out with:

And then another:

And another!

I decided that I would keep making them until I have a bit of a collection, and then I can give them to my mum’s knitting ladies for their fundraising for the Ty Hafan childrens’ hospice, along with the blankets that I manage to finish, and the hats I already gave them (but forgot to photograph :(  )

I'm not sure if they will be sold as decorations to raise money, or given to decorate the hospice for the children, but either way I hope they help!


  1. Awww, they are gorgeous Debbie. I love the colours you have used and I'm happy they are going to such a good cause.
    Jacquie x
    p.s. I think your beaks are better than mine :0)

    1. Ooh thank you! What a great compliment! Maybe if you're happy about it, I can (when I get time...) do a little tutorial for just the beaks? You can probably see from the pictures that they vary a bit as I was figuring out how to make them, but I think I have a simple version now :)