Thursday, 31 July 2014

Still Here, Just Busy...


This is just a quick pop by to say thank you for still reading my blog and leaving me lovely comments!

I am still here, it's just that I'm in my home town, in Pembrokeshire, West Wales. I'm catching up with my mum and my friends, and doing lots of activities that I always mean to do when I visit, but that always get put back for next time... Well, now that we are emigrating, there won't be so many next times! So I am making the most of this time.

This means that although I brought my laptop along and had every intention of keeping things here up-to-date, actually I have been doing too much other stuff to make time blogging... I will definitely get back to it though, and I have sooooo much to share! (I know I already had stuff waiting to be shared, but now there is loads more!! haha)

I did want to login though and let you know why I've not been on here much, and let you know that I did see my latest comments and I will reply when I get a bit more time!  And I will be posting again - I haven't given up or anything :)

I will also share this cute photo with you, I really wanted to see puffins again when I came back, and I was convinced that we were arriving too late in the year to see them. Fortunately for me, there were still loads of puffins though, and I got to see them! Yay!!! I was so happy :)

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