Saturday, 19 July 2014

Change of Plans

Wow, we are having some hideous weather this weekend! The sky keeps getting so dark that it looks like night time, the rain is coming down in deluge-form, and the thunder is spectacularly loud! I’m kind of feeling like I had a lucky escape – I had been planning to go to North Wales to meet my brother for the weekend; we were going to be camping, and going out walking and/or climbing.

I had really wanted to go, for the sake of several things: seeing my brother, being in North Wales, walking in the mountains and rock climbing. I even have my new helmet to take out, as well as a new climbing harness that my brother gave me. He had bought it for his wife, but it was a bit big for her. She’s slimmer than me though, so it turned out to be a perfect fit for me! 

Petzl Elia Helmet

Black Diamond Primrose AL Climbing Harness

It was a sore decision to make when I decided not to go, and one I only made as my husband said that while I was away he would stay behind and do more work on our inventory of stuff that really needs to be sent off, and packing up more bits and bobs. This made me feel pretty guilty, as I should be helping with this too, so I decided to stay as well.

I have to say, we did get quite a lot done today! Lots more stuff in boxes ready to go to the store on Monday morning. I tidied up a few crafting supplies so that they are prepped to move, we sorted through the remainder of my husband’s work gear – stuff he may need again getting packed, stuff he won’t getting tidied to one side so we can sell it. 

I also packed our coat hangers – how difficult are they to pack efficiently??? In the end, what worked for me was buying one of those long and wide under-bed storage boxes from Wilkos.

I sorted the hangers into bundles of the same size and shape, and used little hair bands to hold them together. 

Then I placed them in the box as neatly as possible, and finally I filled the gaps with any unusually shaped hangers (such as the ones with clips for skirts and trousers), laying the chunkier jacket hangers over the top however they would fit. 

Somehow this picture just will not upload in the landscape format!

I’m so pleased this worked out, as coat hangers become so bulky and awkward when packed, but now I can be confident that they will arrive intact so we can unpack easily, plus afterwards we will have some more handy storage to use! (I’m hoping that we will never again be quite so disorganised as we were in our last (and first!) home together, and that the next time we move it will all be a bit smoother…)

I feel like I’ve been wittering on about packing for so many posts now, but it just feels so complicated! I feel like it would be easier if we had just moved house, taking our stuff from one place to another directly. But instead, we had to pack everything we wouldn’t need for some time, and put it in storage. Pack everything we might need, and take it to Adam’s parents, and also somehow keep separate everything that needed extra work – either sorting out the mounds of paperwork we have somehow acquired, or deciding what ‘hobby stuff’ we need with us for use while we wait to leave (crafting supplies, outdoors equipment etc). Even deciding which clothes we need with us now and which can be shipped is tricky – we will need to keep some hot weather clothes with us, and we’ll need whatever clothes we’ll be wearing in the UK, but it must all fit in the suitcase we’ll take with us…

It’s all enough to make you need a break, so I’m now working on my Walled Garden Blanket some more – hooking up the 14th panel!! It’s far too wet and gloomy for a nice progress picture, but number 14 looks just like all the others…

The first 6

I’ve also tidied up my project basket. Its lids were tied on with some weird stuff that was quite stiff, and so used to snag my yarn. I therefore removed it and replaced it with some ribbon that I came across when tidying up my sewing box. I also just gave it a bit of a shake out, and then neatly replaced all my project yarn. There’s quite a lot now since I restocked to make sure I would have all I needed for the edging, so the basket is pretty full! 

And speaking of edging, also in the basket are a couple of books to help choose an edging design with my mum. One is my own:

And I have this one from the library, I will let you know if I spot anything useful in it once I take a proper look :)

Well, that's all for now I guess, I am being called for dinner! Hopefully I can put some more Cornish tales together soon :)


  1. I use the Crochet Border book and it's been mighty useful. I also have this

    . . . .which is also a Godsend if you like designing your own bits and pieces. It's very inspirational to look through. I love your basket by the way, it makes me feel like I should be crocheting something immediately lol....

    Weather very stormy here, amazing storms actually, totally breathtaking lightening...

    Hugs S xx

    1. Sorry I've taken so long to reply! I will have to check out that book you mentioned, I'm not quite up to designing much yet, but it might help me to give it a go!

      Your comment about the weather has made me chuckle a little - we had stormy weather too, then it was wonderful while we were in Pembrokeshire, and now I'm replying to you from Notts and it's all stormy again!

      Hugs are much appreciated! Thank you, hugs back :)