Wednesday, 9 July 2014

3 Things, featuring Steve Backshall :)

I'm writing a '3 Things' post again, partly because I had 3 things to mention, but also in large part because I am still not getting much time on my laptop, and I still haven't finished writing up any complete post about my recent trips... I told you I was rubbish at travelly writing! 

So here goes, 3 things:

I recorded Lost Land of The Tiger last night on BBC Four. This is an amazing series that I have seen before, but I felt like it was worth watching again. Episode 1 can be watched on iPlayer for the next few days here: Lost Land of The Tiger, episode 1 

Lost Land of The Tiger - Steve Backshall is on the left here

The series follows an expedition to the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan to discover the extent of the tigers living there. The team are searching for evidence of the tigers in order to produce a report to be used to help the case of protecting the future existence of these magnificent, yet highly endangered creatures.

For me, the program is a great mix of adventure and nature/ecology. I love both of these things, and the idea of being an expert on an expedition of this nature - where you are working to try and save an entire species no less! – would be something of a dream job :)

I mention this partly so that I can brag a little ;)   One of the presenters on the show, Steve Backshall, is really into adventurous stuff like climbing and kayaking and so on. One time about 2 years ago, I was staying with my brother for a few days. On one of the days we picked up another friend of my brother’s and headed out to the Gower to go rock climbing. We had a great day on the rocks, and at one point another group of climbers came over to our spot. One of them called up to us (we were just at the top of a route at this point) to ask if we were leaving our abseil rope in place for a while, and if so could they share it to save setting up their own.

I was convinced that this bloke was Steve Backshall, although my brother told me I was mental for thinking so. My conviction was strengthened further when I heard another of the guys call this chap ‘Steve’, but my brother still thought I was mental…

Anyway, after we had finished climbing for the day I plucked up the courage to go and talk to this chap, and it was indeed Steve Backshall! I was very excited, and had a rather embarrassing conversation with him about travel and wildlife, and where he had enjoyed the most. He told me that his favourite place was the Himalayas, and we actually talked a little bit about the program they made there – Lost Land of The Tiger!

Steve was really nice, very approachable and he didn’t seem to mind me babbling at him. When he had to start climbing because his friends at the top of the route were getting impatient, he even offered to meet me after the climb so we could carry on chatting! I regrettably had to turn down this offer though, as my brother’s friend needed to get to the hospital in time for visiting hours so he could see his wife. But Steve did let me get a ‘selfie’ with him instead. So of course, this was a day where I hadn’t bothered doing anything with my hair in the first place, and then on top of that I’d been wearing a climbing helmet all day, so I was not looking good! 

Me looking dreadful with Steve Backshall

On the subject of climbing helmets, I just ordered myself a climbing helmet of my own so that I can go out climbing with a local group. I ordered the Petzl Elia, which a helmet I used when I was recently a mock student for a climbing leader assessment. 

Image found on, from where I ordered the helmet

This helmet is great, as it is designed especially for women and has a space at the back so that you can tie your hair in a ponytail! This might not sound like much, but I hate my hair being in the way so it was a real selling point for me! 

The helmet in action on the left, complete with a ponytail!

And finally, I just completed the 8th panel of my mum’s Walled Garden Blanket (the name is growing on me…) so I’m over halfway now on the main section. Then it’s just joining them, and hooking the border and edging to go! 

8 panels complete!

I’m doing all of the ends as I go, and it feels like a real weight off my mind to know that they are not just accumulating ready for a marathon darning session later. I really am finding it rewarding to know that each panel really is complete when I finish crocheting it, and I’m keen to keep up this good habit on future projects. 

My ends are already up-to-date on my Cuddly Hexagon Blanket, but sadly this one is now packed away and won’t be seen again until we unpack after our stuff arrives in Australia! What a weird thought!! 

Cuddly Hexagons so far...

Still, it will be exciting to unpack all my stash and all those WiPs and get reacquainted with everything :)


  1. Loving those flower panels. I always sort out ends as I go now, it is a big weight off I agree :) xx

    1. Thank you! I'm getting so close to the end of these now, I'm looking forward to getting them sewn together and seeing how they look :) Off to my mum's soon - I hope she likes them too!

      I'm glad you find sewing in the ends as you go is working for you - I find the idea of leaving them all to the end is terrifying! haha :)