Tuesday, 25 March 2014

My Favourite Crafty Travels

(So far, and in no particular order)

Craft and art techniques and styles, plus the materials available for use, vary the world over. Seeing this work, or even just seeing the finished products, is a hugely interesting and wonderful experience. This is not everything I could have included - not by a long shot! But the post was getting a bit long so I had to stop somewhere...

EVERYTHING in South America

There is so much knitting, crochet, weaving, spinning – it is just amazing. Craft is everywhere, and everyone seems just so talented and artistic

Hand-carved and hand-made goods in The Gambia

Made for sale to tourists, these crafts are often the only source of income for families. We came away with a few masks from here!

Ikat Textiles and dress making in Tajikistan

I just loved the fabrics here and brought some home with me, plus I even got some traditional Tajik clothes made!

Leather Babouches in Morocco

These totally handmade colourful slippers were everywhere in Morocco, I got a turquoise pair to bring home for myself

Batik in Sri Lanka

A girl showed us her work, and explained how she produces these spectacular batik works. We bought a peacock for ourselves, and some elephant ones as gifts.

Hande-made Soap in Lebanon

Tripoli in northern Lebanon has long been famous its oil-based soap production, they still make soaps by hand there – often in lots of novelty styles

Knotting Carpets in Tunisia

Exploring a souk in Tunisia, we came across a really interesting carpet shop with a  lady demonstrating techniques outside. There weren't many tourists about, so I was able  to sit with her for a while as she showed me how to tie the knots for making the carpet.

Street Crochet, Serbia

In Belgrade, Serbia, I saw several people making crochet doilies for sale in their street stalls.

Jewellery Making in Sri Lanka

We got to look around a jewellery making workshop in Sri Lanka, I loved watching the raw stones get polished up into jewellery pieces. I wish had bought something with the moonstones!

Yarn-Bombing, Germany

I was wandering through Dusseldorf when I spotted a yarn-bombed pipeline going over the road. It wasn’t a very pretty part of town, and the cheery knitting brightened up this otherwise ugly pipe. I know there has been more impressive yarn-bombing out there, but this was the first I had ever seen

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