Sunday, 23 March 2014

First Blogiversary???

So......     Today is the anniversary of my first ever blog post - my Blogiversary!

However, today is not the anniversary of this Blog....  When I first started my Blog my personal circumstances were a bit complicated and I was in need of something to distract me.

Things started to settle down and get better, and I lost my way with my blog in the format it was. I wrote things, but didn't feel they fitted with the concept of my original blog so they remained as drafts... 

I still had things I wanted to write about, and knew more things would be coming up that I would want to record, but I wasn't sure how.

Then it hit me, and of course it was so simple. I could just start a new blog with a new concept :)

I set up my new blog in February 2014 and moved across all my unpublished posts. I also moved over the published posts that fitted with my new blog, and then I started writing and posting again :)

So there we are, a Blogiversary for me today, and then I can do a Blogiversary for my blog next year!

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