Thursday, 20 March 2014

International Happiness Day

Today is the UN International Day of Happiness.

When charity Action for Happiness asked people to tweet, Instagram and Facebook photos of what made them happy, their aim was to reclaim happiness from the clutches of consumerism and make us think about what really matters - not expensive consumer items, but the things that maybe cost nothing.

So just a few from me:

I'm happy to have found something creative that not only gives me pleasure, but also means I am able to make something special for people, especially for my brother for his wedding.

I'm happy to have been able to experience so many incredible things so far, and to have someone in my life I can share most of these things with. Swimming with these turtles kept me buzzing with happiness for days.

I'm happy that in tough times I was able to reach out and meet new people and be able to find a way to ride out the storm. Just being outside, with good company, and working hard to achieve something made me happy.

Today is also the equinox, so I'm happy that now the daylight hours will start to outnumber the darkness ones for a while, so I'll be able to enjoy the outdoors for longer! (Weather permitting...)

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