Friday, 26 April 2013

Finished Project: Japanese Flower Scarf

I have a finished project to reveal! Yay!! This is very exciting for me :)

So, here is my finished Japanese Flower Scarf! 
Ta Dah!!
Ta Dah for the other side

I say finished, but I do have one minor detail to attend to – this is to be a gift for my Mum, and I think she will like these bugle beads on it (if she doesn’t like the beads, then she can always just take them off and use them for something else). The colours obviously look different in different lights, but although they don’t seem it in the below photos they do reflect the colours of the scarf really well so I think they will be quite subtle. 

Bugle Beads

Bugle Beads

I’m still trying to decide the best way to arrange the beads before I sew them on, and post it off to my Mum. But I love how the scarf looks anyway.

I like the different colours from the self-patterning yarn. I used James C Brett Monsoon for this project, in colour S3, on a 6mm hook. The Monsoon is 30% wool and 70% acrylic. It is very soft and lovely, although it was a little splitty and slightly uneven to work with, so I did have to take care while I was crocheting it. I am very happy with the results though – I have read that self-patterning yarn is not very successful in crochet, but I think that because this was such a long repeat then that’s perhaps why it came out ok.

I crocheted each flower continuously, i.e. without changing yarn at the different rows, except for where I wanted to reduce the amount of just grey or green – as I wanted the pink and turquoise colours to be dominant – I had bought 6 balls altogether, but I probably used about 5 balls-worth of yarn.



The scarf is 4 flowers and almost 16 inches wide. On the longest edge it has 13 flowers, and at a total length of 68½ inches, it is 6 inches longer than I am tall!

Lovely Long Smooshy Scarf

I’m very happy with it this big soft smooshy scarf, I hope my Mum will be too!

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