Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Turquoise Doily

Remember this?

I had not been able to finish the pattern, running out of cord for the final round. I said that it didn't matter - I now had an excuse for getting more supplies. So that is exactly what I did...

I got a gorgeous turquoise cotton DK from Paton, I love blues and turquoises! and I hooked up this little beauty.

Looks a bit wonky in this pic - not particularly well blocked!

I have absolutely no history of using doilies, but I really enjoyed making them…  I think I will have to look at what else can be made from doilies (I’ve seen table runners, cushion embellishments etc), and maybe make a few into one larger project. 

But for now my new little turquoise doily has a home on my husband's vintage table...

Under my Tunisian bowls...

I quite like it there :)

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