Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Meet The Critters

The other animals here heard that the lambs got to take centre stage on the blog, and they were all very jealous and insisted that I introduce them too.

There is a small flock of Jacobs sheep and a couple of Welsh Blacks here, kept for their fleeces for my very clever mother-in-law to spin into yarn and make into lovely things.

The sheep are very well looked after, and as a consequence they are very friendly. Meaning my photos of them ended up with a lot of close-ups of ovine noses! All the sheep here have names, though I’m not very good at remembering who’s who unfortunately, but here's a selection:

There are also two very beautiful rescue donkeys here. I looooove the donkeys, they are just so sweet. Charlie is the grey donkey, and Rosie is the white one. She is far more assertive than Charlie and is very curious about the camera, so photos of her inevitably end up as nose close-ups too...

To get this next photo I had to drop some carrots for them and then run off a little way to get a snap before they came too close again, but you can see Rosie made short work of her carrot and is already after more!

Charlie, being a little less cheeky, is a lot easier to get snaps of. I just love his shagginess and lovely chunky, furry legs. And that fringe of his is just so soft!

And here’s Kitty. She’s a very sweet cat who came with the house when my in-laws moved in. She was an outdoor cat, good for mousing in this rural setting. However she got too much love and decided that the pampered life of an indoor cat was most definitely the way forward, so now she is all cuddles and sweetness.

So many lovely critters. So soothing to spend time with them. The animals, the beautiful house, the crafting - I feel as though I've stepped into the pages of Country Living magazine!


  1. Such sweeties! One of my best friends is marrying a sheep farmer this summer. She is a veterinarian, so it is a perfect match. :) I love visiting during the lambing season. I love your donkeys!

    1. That's a lovely story! I hope they have a beautiful day for their wedding :) The donkeys are lovely aren't they? I really love going to see them. They haven't lived there too long (they are rescue donkeys, from a man who became too ill to take care of them properly) so they were a bit shy when they first moved. But now they seem to get cheekier all the time!

  2. I'm just packing my camping stuff and I'll be right there. Look out for unexpected tents in the back garden tomorrow ;) lol. How idyllic is that? I can see why you love it. What a great place to spend your 'interim' time. Perfect.

    I posted a parcel at lunchtime today.....now, if only I could remember who I sent it to? Hmmmm?? xx

    S xx

    1. Tee hee! I was watching the post today even though I knew it was too soon - it's so exciting! I think you can expect an excited blog post once that package arrives!!

      The animals are amazing, so lovely! I spent a good 30-40 minutes in the field today, talking to them and taking lots of photos. I'm a bit behind with writing stuff, but I'm sure there will be another 'Critters' post soon too!