Sunday, 13 December 2015

The Week Ahead...

I’m just popping by briefly to warn you that I have a busy week ahead with house moving hassle. I detest packing up and moving, and this will be the 6th time in 6 years that I’ve had to move. I HATE IT!!!!!

As I’ll be so busy with that, then I probably won’t have much time to pop by here and post anything, but I’m not planning to have such a long absence as last time! In fact, I have several things that I’m looking forward to sharing:

I’m making good progress on the Cotton Hexagons, I have now finished all of the whole hexagons, and am working on the half hexies to straighten out the sides (I know some people like the wobbly sides, but I definitely fall into the category of people who like the sides all straightened out :) )  I will need two different types of half hexagon, one that is cut in half from a side to a side, for the ends of the blanket, and another that is cut in half from point to point for the sides of the blanket. (Please excuse the poor photos - I had to grab my chance to take them when I could, but it was dark by then and our lighting is terrible for photographs)

A game hexagon of 2 halves...

I’m doing the sides first; one side done, one more to go:

I'm not keen on having all those pesky ends still to sew in. I'm normally good at doing them as I go along, but I have foolishly packed away my yarn needles somewhere, so I can't sort them out just yet. Grrr!! Thinking positively though, and I love how the hexies looked when I bunched them up to get those pictures of the halves:

Filling in the half hexie gaps is really making it look good, and I can't wait to see it finished. Unfortunately, it has become clear that I don’t have enough yarn to start, let alone finish, the border though. What a pain!! I don’t know what approach to take to fix this, whether to hibernate the project until I can order more Patons yarn, or just to buy some 100% cotton yarn locally – and hopefully more cheaply! Of course this wouldn’t match completely, but if it was just for the border then that might not matter too much – if I’m lucky it might even look deliberate…

There's still more to share too:
I have plenty of stuff to share about my month off when my friend came to visit – it was such a great month!! We went to a few different places, and did a road trip and went camping lots...

I've been spotting plenty of iconic Aussie wildlife, and have a few photos to share with you all - I'm pretty proud of some of my spotting!

I also want to tell you about the sailing race week, mountain biking and kayaking I’ve been doing over the last few months. I’ve been pretty active and thoroughly enjoying it.

So there we go, lots still come, as long as I can get though house moving with my mind intact, and then stay organised enough! Catch you soon :)

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