Wednesday, 9 December 2015

G'Day Bruce!

G’day cobbers! Say hello to Bruce, a true blue Aussie Great White :)

Bruce doesn't live with me any more, he's pretty happy with his new family though: he went to live with a good bloke, who has a Marine Biology degree and a special place in his heart for sharks, especially Bruce :) Bruce enjoys being in the limelight and has had a lot of attention at school (his new dad is a teacher) and lots of admiration on Facebook!

Rather stupidly, I forgot to get any photos of Bruce before he joined his new family. Luckily for me though, Bruce recently went on holiday – a road trip with his family across outback Queensland to the Northern Territory, and on to Alice Springs and Uluru. (It sounded like a pretty awesome trip – I’m jealous!) Therefore, I have a few of Bruce’s holiday snaps to share:

Made it to the Northern Territory!

Bruce at the Devil's Marbles

Brucie enjoying a bit of red wine while the sun goes down at the red rock - Uluru

I hope you enjoyed meeting Bruce – he certainly enjoyed saying g'day, and is enjoying his fame!

Bruce is an amigurumi creation of my own design, and once again I forgot to make any notes to help with making him any brothers or sisters! (eejit! I will try harder next time...)

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