Thursday, 14 May 2015

A Quick Check-In


I just wanted to check-in quickly to let you know I'm still here, but I've just been a bit busy lately with other areas of my life...

...I have been planning things for when my friend and her kids come to visit - making bookings for the stuff we already decided on, and researching possible itineraries for the rest of the time so that she can make more decisions about what to do while she's here. I want them to have the best time!

...Work picked up a bit for a while, so I have been making the most of the extra shifts while I could. I'm on a casual, or zero hours, contract, so I need to work when I get the chance if I want to save money for my friend visiting.

...I have been trying to get my college work done in good time, it's been harder to get my practice hours up than I thought it would though.

...I've been trying again to get my fitness back on track, heading out running when the weather is cool enough - easy on some days, harder when I'm working in the evenings. I need to keep trying though!!

...I have been helping friends with baby sitting a bit, so that they can get their own stuff sorted too.

...With my husband away, there is no-one to share cooking or shopping duties with either, so that all has to get squeezed in somewhere, and I'm trying to keep it all healthy and not resort to my previous bad habits!

...And as I'm an introvert by nature, all of this time with others and being busy has meant that I really need my down time so that I can recharge. I just haven't had the mental energy for blogging lately, and I haven't been home much for taking photos to post.

Things will settle though; I will get better at routines and I won't always have the chance to work so many shifts. So I will be around when I get the chance, and I have stuff to share. All in good time I guess!

Hopefully I can catch up properly soon though :)

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